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DBEdit (Transaction Version)Updated 9/10/2003
This version of DBEdit experiments with a few new ideas. First, it isolates all the DB actions in a separate include file so they can be included on any pages that need to modify the database. Second, and most importantly, a log of all database transactions (add, update, delete) is saved in a transaction file. So if the database is corrupted, it can be completely rebuilt with a single click. In order to keep the transaction log a manageable size, a backup function creates a backup snapshot of the database and clears out the transaction list. A gloal preference for the database keeps track of the last unique ID used so UIDs will never be reused (as will happen if just the largest ID +1 technique is used). This also uses a new naming technique for database actions and a slick technique for handling checkboxes. There's a lot that could be done to view and edit the transaction list so that people who accidentally delete or modify a database record could delete that transaction and rebuild the database.
Download here

FedEx Cost Calculator - Calculate FedEx shipping costsUpdated 3/13/01
This snippet shows how to set up and search the zone and rate information provided at the FedEx website. The data they provide takes a bit of time to massage into the proper format, but once it's done you'll be glad that you don't have to talk directly to their servers.
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PDF Index - Search PDF files with WebCatalogUpdated 3/13/01
Requires WebCatalog 4.0 or greater.
PDF Index allows you to compile a list of URL's to PDF files that are searchable with WebCatalog.
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OHEdit - FTP-like access from your browser!Updated 10/24/00
Now fully Palm-enabled!
Requires WebCatalog 3.0 or greater.
OHEdit is a WebDNA solution that requires either WebCatalog or Typhoon Pro. In addition to browser-support, OHEdit supports remote access from your PalmOS-based handheld device.
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Folder-Level (Realm) Protection
WebCatalog is great for file-level protection, but doesn't offer a way to quickly protect an entire folder. Now there's a clever plug-in for WebSTAR (and soon for IIS) that solves this problem. Alpha version available now.
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DBEditUpdated 2/1/2001
Quickly create a single page database editor that can be customized quite easily. This snippet is the single most useful piece of code I've ever written - second place isn't even close.
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Quickly copied all the records from one database to another. The two databases do not need the same field names.
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Image Upload
A basic WebDNA page that shows how to provide file upload with WebCatalog 3.0.8 and greater.
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