[ListWords Words]Some Text[/ListWords]

Breaks a string of text into separate words.

To display a list of all the separate words in a string, use a [ListWords] context. You may optionally specify the delimiters which define the boundaries of words (usually spaces, commas, and periods).

Example (normally you would put the following text into a .tpl file on your server and use a web browser to link to it):

[ListWords Words=This is a big long sentence]
[index]: [word]<br>

The example above yields:

1: This
2: is
3: a
4: big
5: long
6: sentence
[ListWords Words=Hello.      My name is Carl!&Delimiters= ,!]
[index]: [word]<br>

The example above yields the following. Notice that the "." at the end of "Hello." is shown as part of the word, because "." was not specified in the list of delimiters. Also notice the long run of spaces in a row is collapsed and does not appear in the word list.

1: Hello.
2: My
3: name
4: is
5: Carl

The following parameters are used in the [ListWords] context:
Parameter Description


(Required) string of text to break up


(Optional) List of single characters which define word boundaries. Defaults to space, comma and period.


(Optional, Rare) Setting Tabs=T causes the list of words to break at tab boundaries only, and runs of tabs are not collapsed. This assists in parsing special formats where two tabs in a row are important and should not be skipped.

The following tags are available inside a [ListWords] context:
Tag Description


A number from 1 to the number of words in the text


Text of the word currently being displayed