Removes a product from the specified shopping cart.

To remove products fram a visitor's shopping cart, click a URL containing the Remove command. Whenever WebCatalog receives a Remove command, it opens the shopping cart file and removes the product (identified by its SKU) from the LineItems in the shopping cart. Also see Add, Clear, ShowCart, and Purchase.

Example (normally you would link to a URL or form containing the following information):

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Shopping Cart file "5678" is opened, and the first line item found that has the correct SKU is deleted. The page sent back to the browser will be xx.tpl, which typically contains a [LineItems] loop to display the current items in the cart (after the removal).

Here are the parameters to the Remove command:
Parameter Description


Product database that contains the SKU, price, and other information


Uniquely identifies which product should be removed from the cart.


Shopping cart file that is to be affected


Template of HTML displayed after the sku is removed from the cart. Typically this is the same shopping cart template used for adding items to the cart -- so the visitor can see that the item indeed has been removed.