Welcome to the WebDNA 3.0 Online Reference

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This online reference lists all of the current commands and tags available in the WebDNA language. Smith Micro Software's flagship product, WebCatalog, supports the entire language. Typhoon, also available from Smith Micro Software, supports a large subset of the language. However, it does not include the commerce or multi-database features of WebDNA. Those tags only available in WebCatalog are preceded by a WebCatalog icon, .

Note: This reference assumes you are using WebCatalog to process WebDNA pages. If you are using Typhoon, or any other WebDNA-based application, the tag syntax is the same as for WebCatalog and references to WebCatalog may be replaced with your application name. However, the file extension or suffix for the pages might be different.

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Appendix A - Installing WebCatalog for IIS 4.x
Appendix B - Running a Web Server on your local MacOS computer
Appendix C - Technical Change History
Appendix D - How to create encrypted templates