[Default]Text or WebDNA to display[/Default]

New in 4.0
Executes the WebDNA inside its body only if none of the other [Case] contexts matches the [Switch] value.

To display some HTML (or execute some WebDNA) from a list of known text options, put the text value inside a [Switch] context. For each possible option, put a [Case] context inside the [Switch]. You may optionally specify a default case by inserting a [Default] context. The [Default] context must be the very last context inside the [Switch]. This context can only be used within a [Switch] context.

Example (normally you would put the following text into a .tpl file on your server and use a web browser to link to it):

[Switch value=[x]]
  [Case value=1]
    The value of x was 1
  [Case value=abc]
    The value of x was abc
    The value of x was neither 1 nor abc; it was [x]

In the example above, the default text "The value of x was neither 1 nor abc; it was 5" will display, because the two cases for "1" and "abc" did not match the actual value of x, which was "5". Any WebDNA inside the other [Case] contexts will not execute, and any text inside those contexts will not display.