Searching - Case Sensitivity FieldNamecase=T
Conducts case sensitive searches.

Normally WebCatalog finds text regardless of its case, so "Joe" equals "JOE" equals "jOe". But sometimes you may find it important to search for words where case matters. To make a field case-sensitive, put "case=T" after the fieldname in the search URL (or as a hidden field in the search form).

If your database has a field called "FirstName," and you want to look for records containing "Grant" in the FirstName field, but not "GRANT," then you would enter a URL something like this:


The template "Results.tpl" will be displayed after the search, and any [FoundItems] contexts in it will be filled with found records. "Grant" will be considered a match, but "GRANT" will not.

Note: You can make all fields case-sensitive at once by putting "AllCase=T" into your search URL or form.