Welcome to the WebDNA 4.0 Reference

This online reference lists all of the current tags, contexts and commands available in the WebDNA language. If you are using any other WebDNA-based application, the tag syntax is the same as for WebCatalog. References to WebCatalog may be replaced with your application name. However, the file extension or suffix for the pages might be different.

Click a reference heading in the upper-left corner to view that reference's information.

The following table contains a list of items that are new in Version 4.0:

New in 4.0
[If] [Then] [Else]
[Switch] [Case]


Search: [Sum], [Min], [Max], [Avg]
FileInfo:[ImageWidth], [ImageHeight]
List Words: [Delimiters]

Note: For a complete list of technical changes between versions 3.0 and 4.0, see Appendix C - Technical Change History.